Ick! Ticks!

Disgusted FaceSo after a particularly “ticky” walk last week, I did a little research about why there were so many during what I thought was off season.  Apparently, here in the Northern California coastal areas, tick season runs in the cooler months.  I found this article that talks a little more about tick season here:


“Although most people associate ticks with summertime outdoor activities, adult western black-legged ticks are more likely to be encountered in late fall and winter,’ Mark Horton, California’s top public health officer, said this week. “With California’s temperate climate, adult ticks are abundant throughout the cooler months between late October and March.’

While we do our best to avoid areas that seem really bad and give all our hiking buddies a thorough check, we can miss a tick or two.  Please be sure to check your dog and keep up on the tick prevention medication.

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