Don’t take our word for it, hear what our clients have said:

Good Mojo is professional, responsible and reliable!  I felt 100% comfortable booking them for my 10 day vacation, knowing that they would take fantastic care of my highly energetic young dog and my elderly dog just as I would.  They are comfortable giving my elderly dog the medications he required, as well as the “extras” I required!  Not only do I know that my babies are being very well cared for and loved, I know that my home is too.  Now I know I can travel and not worry!

Gwen U.

We moved recently and had a good dog sitter that our dog liked and who could deal with her little attitude. We found Good Mojo pet care in just the nick of time, we were going on a trip & our sitter couldn’t take care of our lil one. Kim was so on it! She knew just how to let our dog get to know her and gain trust. Good Mojo & Fam go out of their way to make it a positive and loving environment for the dogs and do the same for us fussy owners.

So needless to say we don’t drive to our old neighborhood anymore and Lucy has new friends!! Thanks Good Mojo pet care you are one in a million!!

Harlan G.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!!!  Good Mojo Pet Care for always looking after our cat Jay.  Our cat needs a lot of attention and we spoil him rotten…. so we expect our pet care service to maintain this level of care when we go on vacation.  After meeting Kim and Trish (owners) we knew our cat would be in good hands.

I can’t say enough about how hard it is to find a reliable and trustworthy pet care service. Good Mojo was highly recommended from a friend who has dogs and cats and now it’s my turn to refer Good Mojo to all my friends.

Our cat Jay can’t wait till we go on vacation again.

Stacey K.

Good Mojo is awesome. Our dog, Phoebe, comes home totally exhausted. She is a puppy with lots of energy and needs serious running time. The owner of Good Mojo is professional, fun, and careful with our puppy. I know that Phoebe will always be tired and in good company!

Laura P.

Good Mojo Pet Care was a great choice.  My wife and I are very picky about where and who we will leave our dog with.  Kim is someone that we knew from walking our dog at the beach before.  She is super professional, fully insured and very friendly.  She also sent us pictures from the dog walking adventures.  The only issue we had is that our dog wants to walk with her now instead of us!!  Hahah!  I would highly recommend Kim and Mojo Pet Care.

Christopher M.

Good Mojo is amazing with dogs and their people! Kim is professional and still down to earth.  I can be (a little) particular and she is fine with that, I trust her with my dog and my home and recommend her.  She is totally mindful of what dogs and their owners need.  She also recognized that my dog had his ‘buddies’ at the park and spent extra time with them to get our dog good and tired.  My dog can’t wait to see her again!

Consuelo M.

There’s only one human being on the planet whose company Beans will choose over food, and that’s Kim.

She’s done a wonderful job looking after our animals on multiple occasions, whether checking in on the cats, exercising the dogs, or taking care of the whole furbeast army when we’re out of town.

Uncle F.

My dog is truly part of my family and usually hangs out with me all day and night.  It is wonderful that I have found a pet sitter to watch her during the times I travel.  Kim is super nice and always plans outings for the dogs.  She is also quite good at sending daily updates with photos.  Great job!

Thursday R.

Great dog care place…. This is the easiest review yet Kim is just freaking amazing. Bob loves her and all she does for him.  There is no better dog sitter she is prompt, courteous and an utter professional.  She even helped us find an awesome dog trainer Gwen.

If you love your baby like I do then you will send them to Kim!

Drew S.

What a fantastic, comprehensive, and super feel-good service!  We have used three different pet sitting services for our semi-frequent “staycations”, and have always felt,  meh……it’s pet sitting for goodness sake, what is there to rave about? I have never experienced pet sitting to this degree of pure stoke! Kim is uber professional and brought us chocolate in a cute Mojo bag, and had very well thought out contracts and paperwork for us to complete together regarding our dog Sammy.  I even made a comment during the consultation that I had “never seen a pet sitting business run like this before.”

She brought along her gentlemanly polite dog Mojo to meet Sammy, and they hung out like pals while we arranged the sitting schedule. What a surprise it was to receive a photo from Kim on Sammy’s first scheduled feeding of Mojo and Sammy single leashed together and walking along happily out by Mori Point!  Kim even sent me a photo of a UPS package I received during the trip.  She sent cute, text and photo updates daily without being intrusive on our vacation, and gave us both a wonderful peace of mind!  I cannot recommend Good Mojo enough!  I fully expect Kim and Mojo to have a thriving business in Pacifica and beyond with this level of customer service.

Mike C.

My wife and I have used Kim/Good Mojo 2x now to look after our cat when we go on longer trips. With Good Mojo, you get everything that you would expect from a quality pet sitting service, including scheduled visits, mail pickup, watering plants, etc. But the highlights for us include:

* Texted photos of our cat – such a simple idea, but such a nice gesture to remind us that our cat is happy and healthy while we’re away.

* Trained in cat CPR – what?! (am i a bad pet parent for not being trained in cat CPR?) hopefully it never comes to that, but it’s nice peace of mind…

* Occasional treats – we got a nice bag of chocolate peanut brittle for the holidays. I would like to insist that these become standard–delicious!

But setting aside the standards and the extras, the real key is that, when we return home, we find our cat content. We will be calling when we go on our next trip!

Nicholas A.