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  • I certify that the information I have provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that false information or omissions will be sufficient cause for refusal to employ or immediate dismissal. I understand that the use of this application does not mean that there are positions open and in no way obligates Good Mojo Pet Care (the “Company”). I understand that no manager or representative of the Company, other than the President, has any authority to enter into any employment contracts. I understand that if I am employed by the Company, it will be as an employee-at-will; which means that either party can terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice. Furthermore, the Company has the right to change my duties, the location of my employment, or any other terms and conditions of my employment. I authorize the Company to investigate my employment, personal history, credit, personal characteristics, and general reputation. In connection with this investigation, I authorize all corporation, companies, credit agencies, educational institutions, individuals, law enforcement agencies, and former employers to release information they may have about me and release them from any liability or responsibility from doing so. This authorization in original or copy form shall be valid for this and any future investigation conducted by the Company. I am aware that if I am denied employment based on a report by a consumer reporting agency, the Company will furnish the name and address of such agency upon my written request.

    Good Mojo Pet Care is a “Tennessee Drug Free Workplace.” I acknowledge that I will be required to submit to alcohol or drug screenings as a condition of employment or on a random basis or for cause, as the Company shall determine. I further acknowledge that failure to submit to a request for an alcohol and/or drug screen will preclude me from consideration for employment or shall be cause for my immediate dismissal from employment.
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